Klasse Detailing Ltd




Klasse Detailing Ltd

Unit C 5, Virgo House, Caledonia St, Broomfields
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom

Tel: 01274 721 864

Mob: 01274 442458

Klasse Detailing Ltd

Klasse Detailing Ltd provides a multi-stage car detailing service, from pre-clean treatment to snow foam to polish and final touch-ups. If your car is relatively clean and does not require everything that comes in the package, we can tailor our services to suit your budget and needs. For those who love their car and want it in its prime condition at all times, we have ceramic coating treatment, which repels water and dirt and makes it easier to wash and wipe your car. When it comes to interior cleaning, we use non-toxic products that you can feel safe around. Plus, before delivering your car, we will clean the rims and tyres like they are fresh off the showroom. Visit our website to view our various packages.

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