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Gladiator Business is a part EU funded, non-profit, free UK Local Business Directory that connects businesses with local people looking for services, quotes or local tradesmen. All businesses can register for free and create unlimited company profiles containing information, news, pictures, videos, reviews, offer, events, etc relating to and promoting the registered business. This information is then forwarded on to users via social media, email campaigns and by users specifying that they wish to be notified whenever a new business or business offer is added to the site in their area.

Gladiator Business is the first and largest non-profit free UK Local Business Directory that partners businesses with the general public looking for local companies and business offers. Gladiator Business already contains over 1.3 million updated UK companies to make it easy for everyone to find a local business services in their local area.

The Gladiator Business website provides free business listings to all companies in the UK. The free business promotion and free company marketing that we offer is meant to help all UK companies generate extra revenue and work by allowing businesses to promote their services, products and offers for free to hundreds of thousands of users every month that access Gladiator Business on a regular basis.          

If your company is not yet listed then add it for free today by registering here.

When creating your free business profile try and add an offer to our noticeboard as we will promote your business and any offer added for free to all our followers on social media as well as emailing out the offer details to all our site users.

Our main aim is to partner UK businesses with local individuals looking for services whilst networking with each other by sharing, tips, news, contacts and resources. Make sure your company is registered for free today, then create a free business profile and start connecting with local individuals looking for local companies, services and offers in their area.

Gladiator Business is part of the Gladiator Ltd group of non profit websites along with; a free non profit UK Sports and Leisure directory that helps to sponsor grassroots sports teams, individuals, societies and events through its advertisers. Gladiator sports main aim is get more people involved in sports and leisure activities by providing information, events, news, trials and offers on local sports clubs, sports players, local leisure centres, venues, societies, teams, leisure groups, classes and much more.
In 2014 Gladiator Business was awarded EU funding to help redevelop the site and turn it into a non profit making site dedicated to supporting local businesses for free by helping them generate extra revenue from local people looking for services or products. As a non profit company all revenue generated from advertisers goes towards sponsoring local business events and on offering free printing and merchandise to registered businesses monthly.

Gladiator Business, the free UK local business directory, works closely with tens of thousands of registered companies to display practical information on local business services, products, information, jobs, events, offers and much more. Thanks to our new local and national page advertisers Gladiator Business now sponsors local business events and offers free printing to businesses monthly through its non-profit advertising revenue share scheme. So the more people that use our non profit site and view our advertiser’s adverts the more business events we can sponsor and the more free merchandise and printing we can offer.

"Together we can make a difference."
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£500 in free company printing awarded every month to any registered business. Please visit our free company printing page after you have created your profile to find out more. If your company is not yet listed then add it for free today by registering here.


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We will tweet & email out all new business offers added to our noticeboard to thousands of monthly users. Just create a free business profile, add your recent offer & leave the rest to us. If your company is not yet listed then add it for free today by registering here.