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Kitchens by JS Geddes

Kitchens by JS Geddes are the 2020 'UK Kitchen Retailer of the Year' and have been awarded this peer/industry title no less than seven times. However, we don't set out to design your luxury kitchen with awards in mind. The accolades just seem to follow from a process that starts every time by listening. What do you want? What do you need? What are the must-haves, and what are the nice-to-haves? How do you use the kitchen now and what would you like to do now that isn't possible or practical? Timescales and budgets are obviously important, but once we understand what is required to make a difference in your life we can tailor time and cost correctly.

Now in our fourth decade, things were very different when MD Jim Geddes began the business in the 1980s, "Back then it was just me. I did the consultations, the designs, the revisions, the ordering, delivery and managed the installation of every kitchen. Things have definitely moved on from the pine and light oak, the corner hobs, the browns and creams and tiled worktops. But we've always put the client first, it's never been about us. As we've grown through the 80s, 90s, noughties and beyond that imperative has stayed. Every member of staff knows it, understands it and most importantly, believes it. We look forward to welcoming clients old and new as we aim to deliver hopes and aspirations in every kitchen we design."

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