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Medical Protection Society

The Medical Protection Society is the world’s leading protection organization for medical, dental and healthcare professionals. It protects and supports the professional interests of more than 300,000 members around the world.
MPS was founded in 1892, with just 13 original members all practicing in the home counties of England, and now (2015) has over 290,000 members worldwide.
MPS's in-house experts assist with the wide range of legal and ethical problems that arise from professional practice. This includes clinical negligence claims, complaints, medical and dental council inquiries, legal and ethical dilemmas, disciplinary procedures, inquests and fatal accident inquiries.

Some of the services provided by MPS include:
1. Medico-legal advice from its team of medico-legal advisers
Legal representation in a range of circumstances, such as clinical negligence claims and disciplinary hearings
2. Support with handling press intrusion if a member is involved in a case which attracts media attention
3. Counseling service for any members who are suffering from stress as a result of an adverse incident or medico-legal matter
4. Risk management workshops, lectures and publications on a variety of subjects, from consent to medical records, to help avoid the risk of complaints
5. Lobbying to bring about a sensible regulatory environment to provide a safer environment for patients and healthcare professionals.

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