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NPP Packaging UK

NPP is the leading custom packaging and machinery company in the UK. NPP is the supplier choice for many of the UK’s leading brands due to their long history of delivering quality products, innovative solutions, and unrivalled service. They offer an extensive range of packaging materials such as converted packaging, FIBC bulk bags, corrugated packaging, paper packaging, packaging film, sustainable packaging, transport packaging, general packaging, packing machinery, and pharmaceutical and medical products. Their packaging solutions can help many industries of any size such as agriculture, drinks packaging, food packaging, general, industrial, and pharmaceutical, and medical devices. At NPP, they don’t just produce boxes, they design solutions that add value to your product and your business. Reduce your environmental impact with NPP sustainable packaging solutions. Whatever product you sell, you need packaging film to not only keep it fresh but also to protect it against the elements. NPP Group stocks a broad array of film packaging. Their range of plastic film packaging delivers trouble-free wrapping, batch after batch. If you have any questions, you can contact NPP by phone or email.  

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