Reward Catering Food Trucks



Reward Catering Food Trucks

Reward Catering is the leading global food truck and catering trailer manufacturers based in the UK. They specialise in airstream catering trailers and H van food trucks. They also specialise in building unique and creative pizza trailers, mobile cocktail bars, coffee trailers, and much more. The company aims to create catering vehicles that stand out from the rest of the competition in terms of both design and quality features. They will work with every client closely to achieve your dream catering trailer or food truck. Each trailer and food truck are purpose-built and customised to suit your needs. The contemporary catering facilities offer a range to suit your needs, whether its food or beverages, each will deliver the best, inefficiency and quality. All vehicles are handmade to the highest standards with attention to detail being a priority.

The company keeps the authentic feel and look based on the vehicle’s original outside design while housing 21st-century functionality for the mobile catering industry. The Citroen Type H van really has the wow factor that catches the eye of even the least flavoured enthusiast. The trailers are available in a range of sizes and styles that will accommodate everyone's needs. Discuss your dream trailer today with Reward Catering.  

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