Secret Santa Decorators



Secret Santa Decorators

Secret Santa Decorators is the leading company for the design and installation of Christmas trees and festive lighting. The company provides professional Christmas decorating services for both businesses and homes. Their main goal is to create a real wow factor for your premises. They offer a fully insured, professional service from design and installation through to maintenance and takedown, removing the headache of Christmas decorating from you so you can enjoy the Christmas season. Their installation teams are flexible, friendly, and dedicated to ensuring that their Christmas decorating services meet and exceed all customer expectations. The company offers rental packages for outdoor and Christmas trees. The outdoor packages include entrance bundle, entrance+bundle, indoor garland, and premium bundle. The Christmas tree range they offer includes 7ft New York, 9ft Chicago, 10ft Boston, and 12ft Austin. If you have any questions, you can contact secret Santa decorators by phone or email.

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