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Silver-Nano Antibacterial Face masks

Silver-Nano adds new Antibacterial Reusable Silver-Nano Face Masks to their inventory
Provider of certified face masks, Silver-Nano, announces the addition of Antibacterial Reusable Face Masks to their inventory
Silver-Nano has again reiterated their goal of contributing to the fight against the coronavirus pandemic with the addition of new Antibacterial Reusable Face Masks to their online store whichare available for worldwide shipping. The recently added face masks are made from 76% Natural Silver AntiVtex fabric, which is exclusive to Silver-Nano. The masks are certified with Cat-1 Personal protective equipment as per regulations (EU) 2016/425 of (PPE) and harmonized standard FFP1, FFP2, FFP3, offering maximum protection to users.
The recently added Antibacterial Reusable masks are washable and reusable for 260 washes, ensuring durability and helping users to save on the cost of making several purchases to stay safe. The masks are suitable for everyday use and are available in two sizes for adults and kids. With well-fitted ear strap and soft firm nose strap ergonomic design, the ultra-soft, breathable lightweight masks are designed to ensure comfort.
Face masks are particularly recommended as wearing them helps to reduce the risk of contracting the virus from droplets of infected persons. It also ensures that people do not touch their face as often, consequently reducing the risk of bringing the virus into the body. However, many of the available face coverings and masks do not meet the requirements to keep users safe from contracting COVID-19 or any other dangerous virus. This is where Silver-Nano has been of immense help with their range of reusable antibacterial face masks.
The Natural Silver ion properties of the masks have a proven long-standing reputation as an effective way to resist and kill more than 650 kinds of harmful bacteria. This feature is particularly unique to Silver Nano’s face masks.
The Novel COVID-19 has wreaked a lot of havoc across the globe, with the WHO declaring the virus a pandemic due to its widespread and impact, infecting more than 5 million people. Several measures have been put in place by governments based on the recommendation of health experts to curb the spread of the virus. These include lockdowns and the use of PPEs, especially face masks.
For more information about the recently added RoHS compliant face masks as well as other products from Silver Nano designed to keep the world safe and healthy, please visit - andFacebook.

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