Smileworks Aesthetic Training Hub




Smileworks Aesthetic Training Hub

4 Kenyon's Step One Park West
L1 3DF
United Kingdom

Tel: 01513151221

Smileworks Aesthetic Training Hub

At the HUB we never instruct aesthetics, we launch careers. We have a thriving practice and already do this stuff each and every single day. We will provide you the strategies, business skills and confidence to launch your career and have the practice you pictured. The HUB is made for dentists and takes into account your existing abilities and competence. We aim to give you the skills you need to be an instant success in aesthetic medicine. Practice on more models than any other course. Because practice makes perfect. For a positive practice, you need to train for real life. This implies end-to-end sessions that simulate reality. Small group of people for an immersive and intense experience that helps everyone.

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