Surgery Express




Surgery Express

Broombank Road
S41 9QJ
United Kingdom

Tel: 01246 267 500

Surgery Express

Surgery Express is a caring family-run medical supplies business with the highest standards of service. We understand that to keep a busy surgery running smoothly, you need good value products from a reliable supplier who can deliver fast. It’s as simple as that, so why complicate things?

Good quality medical products & honest service

We don’t believe in complex ordering gimmicks or high-pressure sales tactics; we prefer to focus on delivering good, honest service every day. So you can expect us to be polite and friendly when you call, remember
your name, and go out of our way to make life easier for you. At Surgery Express, these things are the norm, not the exception.

Whether it’s our free samples, reliable next day deliveries, or our bespoke stock lists which help you keep on top of your regular orders, it’s all done for one purpose: to save you time and give you peace of mind.
Best for value, best for service and always flexible and accommodating – that’s what we work hard to be.

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