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Whiz Consulting

12 Constance Street, London, E16 2DQ, United Kingdom
Greater London
E16 2DQ
United Kingdom

Tel: +44-208-638-8099

Whiz Consulting Private Limited

Whiz Consulting provides bookkeeping & accounting services for UK-based businesses. We provide outsourced accounting, bookkeeping, payroll and taxation services to Birmingham, London, Manchester, or other parts of the United Kingdom. We provide services to all businesses irrespective of the scale of operation and industries like real estate, hospitality, healthcare, e-commerce and so forth. We have accounting solutions for every business, with the experience and knowledge of all the popular accounting tools. We will assist your businesses in managing cash flows, financial statements, bank & day to day transactions record-keeping, and monitoring the overall expenses made by the business. We will ensure your books are kept neat and reconciled throughout the year. We provide our services at a competitive cost as compared to hiring local or in-house bookkeepers and accountants.

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