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Ways To Overcome Language Barrier Using Artificial Intelligence
When agents and customers don't speak the same language, how do you give service? A language barrier is a prevalent issue in today's customer service sector. Many organizations try to address this problem by hiring multilingual employees who can step in when a language barrier arises. On the other hand, businesses require more solid solutions as the global B2B marketplace expands. Artificial intelligence shines in this area. AI-powered tools can help reduce the language barrier, eliminating hiring personnel to translate. Let's look at how AI can help people communicate more clearly when language is a barrier.

Translation With No Gaps

Google's translation feature is familiar to you, and you've probably used it yourself. While it may appear to be a simple solution to a language barrier, this product just does not cut it in a supportive setting. Translations will seem mechanical and perhaps wrong if they are used. However, artificial intelligence (AI) can accurately translate emails or client questions. Your agents will only need to double-check the translated text for accuracy. Your agents will have this resource at their fingertips at all times if you integrate B2B customer support software into your infrastructure.

Resolution Times That Are Quicker

When a language barrier prevents clients from solving their problems, resolution times skyrocket, every customer service team strives to avoid this. By giving real-time translations to agents, artificial intelligence can solve this problem. There is no latency in resolution times as a result of this. This can be accomplished through email or even live chat sessions. The translation is supplied quickly since AI and machine learning are now lightning fast. There's no need to put the customer on wait or transfer them to an agent who speaks their language. Furthermore, because AI and machine learning adapt to data, errors will be minimized during the resolution process. Customers around the world will be happier as a result of this.

Your Agents Teach Artificial Intelligence Translation

Your flexible customer support software will learn from your agents if it includes AI-powered translation. Evolution is at the heart of machine learning. This technology can collect data, identify trends, and adjust its operation. In this scenario, the result is a translation service that improves over time as it learns from its own mistakes. For example, if your agents correct a translation, AI and machine learning will consider this information and adjust the translation's performance in the future. This could entail picking up on specific terminology speakers of a different language about your product.

Humans Are The Ones Who Do The Training.

We help businesses in various language markets integrate AI into their operations at Pactera. We use AI enablement to provide human intelligence to prepare, label, and validate data for machine learning models at scale, supporting a variety of AI-enabled functions such as call centers, help desks, personal assistants, employee training videos, application instruction videos, and AI customer service bots, among others. To overcome language obstacles, AI systems will need to be supported by teams of humans who can educate them on how to understand everything from diverse vocabularies to audience context.


The field of artificial intelligence is still in its infancy. What's fascinating about AI is that it can adapt to changes in language, such as the emergence of internet lingo like YOLO. When it comes to keeping AI up to date, having a resource with a large and diverse team of experts makes all the difference. Contact team today to put artificial intelligence to work for you in any language. Know More @

Categories: Software Development
Locations: Accrington
Posted: 11:50 on Mon, 21st Mar, 2022

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